lördag, september 17, 2016

A Committee - protecting the public against politicians, police, public servants and even the secret police! For democracy's sake!

For a democracy to work - to be worthy of being called a democracy!

Then Those who have been given a commission of trust by being elected by the people to represent their interests: politicians, representatives, ombudsmen, the government and public servants!
Must be held responsible for breaking the given trust! And when the trust is clearly violated - they must be punished!

The work of these elected, and the public servants that are specifically employed by the taxpayers - to facilitate the work of the elected - their actions must be transparent, visible and easily available to the public!

Even the work of police, military, secret police and clandestine organisations - must be held accountable and face the consequences if they break laws or violate human rights! This can however not be as transparent! So these should be audited/examined continously by a committee - answering only to the people and working with the good of the citizens in mind - only!

A Citizens Protection Bureau! With enforcement capabilities and mandate to use armed force against those who previously have had monopoly on using armed force against the people!
To be able to protect the public - like peaceful unarmed protesters in a legal demonstration - from being shot, unlawfully detained or ridden down by police horses!

Think of Ådalen, Göteborg and Malmö!