onsdag, september 14, 2016

I was a child - already when I was young! As I'm getting older - I'm having a happier childhood!

I've never had a happier childhood - than right now - when I'm 50!

I'm Bob Jacob, I'm now 51 and had this realisation when I was 49!

I said that to a group of people in various ages, but mainly younger than me - and they smiled - out of relief! Relieved to hear that life can get better, easier to handle!

A stand-up comedian said - "one of the benefits of becoming older - is that for every day, there's one less thing that you care about"…
I disagree, but can understand - I'd say that, as you get older, having been through hell and back a couple of times - your worries are less worrisome, your personal catastrophes, less catastrophic!

Having perspective and experience - after you've "come out alive at the other side" - then you can pick up "childish things" and complete your inner child - to have a happier childhood than you ever did before!

Have faith in yourself and have patience - after you have been through hell and back and come out alive and kicking at the other side! It usually - for most, gets so much better and you're more experienced and stronger than ever before!

When you're there - meet me in the ball pit and we'll watch some cartoons!

Live well, take care and be kind to yourself and eachother! Love and hugs! Robert "Robban/Bob" Jacob 💖